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Boxing and MMA Questions and Answers

Who can I contact about questions related to Wisconsin Boxing or MMA?

Boxing and MMA Program Director
Phone: 608-261-8503
Fax: 608-223-6532

I have had a physical, eye exam and blood work done already. Can I use these result when I apply for a license?
Yes if they have been completed within 180 days of the time you apply for a contestant license and meet the Wisconsin requirements listed on the contestant application form.

Can I check online if my license is still valid?
Yes, you can view the status of your license here:

How do I renew my license?
You must complete a new application and meet all of the requirements listed on the application form.

What is the deadline to have all my license information and payment submitted?
You must have all required paperwork into the department at least 10 days before your event.

I am not a US citizen. Is there anything else I need to submit with my license application?
Yes. You must submit a
Social Security Exempt Form. It is best if you fax this completed form to : 608-223-6532.

Do I need a Federal ID to fight in Wisconsin?
Yes. The Federal ID tracks your record, suspensions, etc. The fee is $10 and a digital photo or passport photo is required. This is in addition to your Wisconsin license.
Federal Boxing Application Form
Federal MMA Application Form

Can someone assist me in the locker room and during the bout?
Yes. Each person that will be assisting needs to be licensed as a
second. Only licensed individuals will be allowed in the locker room, ringside or cageside.

How do I find out if I have a suspension and how do I remove it?
Please contact the Program Director for assistance.