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The Rulemaking Process at DSPS 

The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services routinely reviews and updates, as needed, the Administrative Rules that relate to the professions, establishments and activities we regulate.  Rulemaking involves a number of distinct and important steps. 

Active Rulemaking Projects:
A list of active rulemaking projects can be obtained here
: http://dsps.wi.gov/Boards-Councils/Rulemaking/Pending-Rule-Projects/

Review of existing rules affecting small businesses:
DSPS is currently  conducting a comprehensive review of existing rules affecting small business. This review is being conducted in accordance with Governor Walker's Executive Order #61. We are reviewing our existing rules to identify those that hinder small business job creation and small business growth. We will then recommend changes to these rules that will both reduce their burden on job creators while continuing to comply with the intent of the statutes that created them.

Comment on rulemaking projects:
Please consult a specific project for the timetable for submitting comments.
Beginning September 1, 2016 comments on proposed administrative rules will be accepted through the Legislature's website at docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/code.  All comments submitted through the website for DSPS and examining board rules will be sent to the DSPS rules coordinators. The previous administrative rules website at health.wisconsin.gov/admrules/public/Home will be decommissioned on September 1st.

Suggest a rulemaking project:
If there are existing rules that you think should be reviewed and considered for modification, please email