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Industry Services - Administrative Code and Statutes

Wisconsin Statutes:
Chapter 101 Department of Safety and Professional Services — Regulation of Industry, Buildings and Safety.

Chapter 145 Plumbing and Fire Protection Systems and Swimming Pool Plan Review.

Chapter 167 Safeguards of Persons and Property.

Wisconsin Administrative Code Department of Safety and Professional Services Safety, Buildings, and Environment

General Part I
SPS 301 Environmental analysis and review procedures for department actions
SPS 302 Fee schedule
SPS 303 Administrative procedures
SPS 304 Grants for construction career academies
SPS 305 Licenses, certifications and registrations 
SPS 305 Appendix
SPS 307 Explosives and fireworks
SPS 308 Mines, pits and quarries
SPS 309 Anchoring and securing movable soccer goals
SPS 314 Fire prevention
SPS 314 Appendix
SPS 316 Electrical
SPS 318 Elevators, escalators and lift devices

Caution – Do not use the Southern Pine design values in the new UDC Appendix A for sizing joists and rafters. They do not reflect the reduced values in the newly adopted 2015 National Design Specification for Wood Supplement. To obtain the correct values, go to http://www.awc.org/pdf/codes-standards/publications/nds/AWC-NDS2015-Supplement-ViewOnly-1411.pdf  and scroll to Table 4A. Those values may be increased 15% for repetitive joist or rafter use (due to load sharing by 3 or more members spaced 24” o.c. or less) and an additional 15% for rafter use (due to snow load duration increase).


It is suggested that you click on a PDF icon when using the UDC Appendix to properly view diagrams, tables and text.

Uniform Dwelling Code
SPS 320 Administration and enforcement
SPS 321 Construction standards
SPS 322 Energy conservation 
SPS 323 Heating, ventilating and air conditioning
SPS 324 Electrical standards 
SPS 325 Plumbing
SPS 320-325 Appendix 

General Part II 
SPS 326 Manufactured home communities
SPS 328 Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
SPS 330 Fire department safety and health 
SPS 332 Public employee safety and health
SPS 333 Passenger ropeways 
SPS 334 Amusement rides
SPS 335 Infectious agents 
SPS 335 Appendix
SPS 340 Gas systems
SPS 341 Boilers and pressure vessels 
SPS 341 Appendix Excerpts from boiler, pressure vessel and piping codes and standards
SPS 343 Anhydrous ammonia
SPS 343 Appendix 
SPS 345 Mechanical refrigeration
SPS 346 Risk screening and closure criteria for petroleum product contaminated sites, and agency roles and responsibilities
SPS 346 Appendix Nonparametric statistical tests for determining the effectiveness of natural attenuation
SPS 347 Petroleum environmental cleanup fund
SPS 347 Appendix 
SPS 348 Petroleum and other liquid fuel products 
SPS 360 Erosion control, sediment control and storm water

Commercial Building Code
SPS 361 Administration and enforcement
SPS 362 Buildings and structures
SPS 363 Energy conservation
SPS 364 Heating, ventilating and air conditioning 
SPS 365 Fuel gas appliances
SPS 366 Existing buildings
SPS 361-366 Appendix A 
SPS 361-366 Appendix B 

General Part III
SPS 367 Rental unit energy efficiency 
SPS 371 Solar energy systems 
SPS 372 Cleaning methods for historic buildings

Buildings Constructed Prior to 1914 
SPS 375 Definitions and general requirements
SPS 376 Factories, office and mercantile buildings
SPS 377 Theaters and assembly halls
SPS 378 Schools and other places of instruction
SPS 379 Apartment houses, hotels and places of detention

SPS 381 Definitions and standards
SPS 382 Design, construction, installation, supervision and inspection of plumbing
SPS 382 Appendix
SPS 383 Private onsite wastewater treatment systems 
SPS 383 Appendix
SPS 384 Plumbing products
SPS 384 Appendix 
SPS 385 Soil and site evaluations
SPS 386 Boat and on-shore sewage facilities 
SPS 387 Private onsite wastewater treatment system replacement or rehabilitation financial assistance program

General Part IV
SPS 390 Design and construction of public swimming pools and water attractions
SPS 390 Appendix 
SPS 391 Sanitation
SPS 391 Appendix 
SPS 431 Diesel truck idling reduction grants 
SPS 431 Appendix
SPS 456 Manufactured housing rehabilitation and recycling 
SPS 500 Small business enforcement discretion

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