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The Wisconsin Plumbing Products Register Database includes approval letters and attachments forpools, plumbing products, and plumbing systems that have been issued an approval, an alternate approval., or an experimental approval. (There is voluntary approval of Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems components.) Pools, plumbing products, or systems receiving experimental approvals may only be used at the installation site specified in the experimental approval letter.

Plumbing products in the following categories must be individually approved by the Industry Services Division before they can be sold or installed for use in a plumbing system in the State of Wisconsin.
1. Chemical or biochemical treatments for POWTS
2. Health care plumbing appliances
3. Physical restoration processes for POWTS
4. Prefabricated holding or treatment components for POWTS
5. Prefabricated plumbing
6. Drinking water treatment devices or bottled water vending machines
7. Wastewater treatment devices used to meet the requirements in SPS 382.70
8. Exterior grease traps
9. Alternate or experimental plumbing products
10. Voluntary approval of POWTS components, including POWTS design manuals and site-constructed POWTS tanks



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