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 Frequently Asked Questions 

1.    Is my complaint appropriate for the Department of Safety and Professional Services?

The Department and the Boards regulate professions, occupations, activities and businesses listed on this page.

2.    How do I know if I have a legitimate complaint?

We encourage you to file a complaint if you have a concern.  All complaints are evaluated and a determination is made whether to proceed to investigation.

3.    How do I file a complaint?

Complete the complaint form and send it to the Department with any supporting documentation.  The complaint form is designed to capture information necessary to determine how to proceed.

 4.    Can I file a complaint anonymously?

You may submit a complaint anonymously.  However, because we can’t contact you for more information it could limit our investigation or even contribute to a decision to not investigate your complaint at all.  Therefore, we encourage you to identify yourself in your complaint.

 5.    Will my complaint be kept confidential?

Under Wisconsin’s Open Records Law (Wis. Stats, Ch. 19), complaints will generally be available for review on request from a member of the public after the board or agency action is complete.

 6.    What can be the result of filing a complaint?

Some complaints may be closed after the initial review process.  Some complaints will be investigated.  The investigation may or may not result in discipline.  The range of discipline may include reprimand, suspension, limitation or revocation of a license.

 7.    Will the Department be able to get my money refunded?

The only action the Department is able to take is against the credential of the person or entity.  The Department is not a collection agency and is not able to recover funds for complainants who are unhappy with the service that a credential holder has provided or the manner in which it was provided.