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Boards and Councils 

MEB Affiliated Credentialing Boards:

Nursing, Board of
Nursing Home Administrator
Examining Board
Optometry Examining Boar

Pharmacy Examining Board

Physical Therapy Examining Board

Examining Board of Professional Geologists, Hydrologists and Soil Scientists

- Geologists Section

- Hydrologists Section

- Soil Scientists Section

Plumbers Council

Plumbing Code Advisory Committee
Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS) Code Advisory Council
POWTS Technical Advisory Committee

Psychology Examining Board

Radiography Examining Board

Real Estate Appraisers Board

Real Estate Appraisers Application Advisory Committee

Real Estate Examining Board

Real Estate Contractual Forms Advisory Council

Real Estate Curriculum and Examinations, Council on

Sign Language Interpreters Council

SPS 307-308 - Explosives, Fireworks, Mines, Pits and Quarries Code Advisory Committee
SPS 314 - Fire Prevention Code Advisory Committee

SPS 316 - Electrical Code Advisory Committee
SPS 330 - Fire Department Safety and Health Code Advisory Committee
SPS 390 - Pools Code Advisory Committee
Substance Abuse Counselors Certification Review Committee
Unarmed Combat Sports Code Advisory Committee
Uniform Dwelling Code Council